I’m sitting under a tree and using the free wifi that guests can access throughout Harvard. To say that I’m stunned and in awe of this beautiful learning facility is probably the best way to describe my feelings right now. I could never imagine as a son of a WW11 refugee, a former public school student and now a public school teacher and principal, that one day I would end up with the opportunity to study at Harvard. The Public Education Foundation Harvard Club Teachers Mutual Bank Scholarship have all come to together to make this happen.

Harvard is a university town with student accommodation jotted throughout the streets and intermingled with the various learning facilities and shops. Just down the road (if you like long walks), is Boston University and Boston College. So all three facilities are fairly close together to provide a learning community. What is noticeable about Harvard is the number of young people walking around town or sitting around using a device in an open area or a cafe. Just a minute a ago, I noticed a proud young student walking out of his building and showing his parents where he had been staying and studying.

Founded in the 17th Century, John Harvard had a passion for education and bequeath funding that ultimately resulted in the oldest university in the United States and the most prestigious in the world along with Cambridge and Oxford. It’s this richness and history that makes Harvard, along with the research and not doubt the professors that I’ll meet.

As I finish this blog, I feel an immense sense of motivation to provide even better opportunities for our students to ensure they have all the life opportunities that have been afforded to me by originally my parents and later with the support from so many educators.




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  1. Hi John. I was inspired by what you had to say on the ABC EdPod program. Your passion for defining schools as place that affords learning is manifesting some interesting practices. Your upcoming experiences at Harvard will no doubt be challenging and rewarding. I’m particularly looking forward to following your blog entries and learning from your insights! Good luck with it all.

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